If you have been fascinated by knights in armor fighting for their lives with various weapons then you can recreate the same experience in a wonderful online scratch game even as you battle your way into riches at the Knights Battle scratch card game. This medieval game offers you instant and repeated chances to win huge amounts of modern money and if luck is truly by your side then you might just be able to win the massive 200,000 Pound jackpot prize.

In order to play this scintillating game filled with knights, archers, swords, etc, you will need to get registered for free within a matter of minutes at some of the best betting websites such as ComeOn and scratch2cash. You will also be offered mighty opening bonuses that can be used as free scratch cards so as to turn your initial few games into totally free ones. You are bound to be impressed with the medieval theme complete with matching war themed sound effects even as you observe 6 sets of scratch cards on your screen once you decide to play Knights Battle scratch. Each set will feature one card each for you and the dealer, and you can choose from between 1 and 6 pairs to play at once.

You can also go in for practice game sessions before you get confident enough to place actual bets that can range from as low as 50P to 20 Pounds if you want a shot at the rock-solid 200,000 jackpot prize. If you are too impatient to play one pair of scratch cards at a time then you can simply click on the Max Pairs button to learn about your fate in an instant as all 6 pairs of cards will get scratched at once. You can also opt for the Autoplay button after choosing the amount of money you want to bet and the number of games that you want to play before the computer plays those games automatically for you. However, you can surely enjoy hours of fun by choosing each scratch off card with care and matching your skills and wits with the dealer so as to take home thousands of prizes including the much-revered jackpot.

The Knights Battle scratch cards game is played just like regular cards where the higher card between both the scratched cards wins the round. There are no jokers in this game and the results are displayed before your eyes in an instant unlike other games of skill that require tedious strategies or lotteries that require weeks of patience before the results are announced. Playing the Knights Battle online scratch card game is also better than scratching away at those physical scratch and win tickets that use precious paper and ink for printing and are simply discarded when you realize that you do not hold the rich for life scratch card in your hands. You just need to beat the dealer to take home wonderful prizes that could truly turn your life around even as you enjoy the wonderful medieval ambiance offered by this thrilling game.

Your passion to learn more about the lives of knights and other ancient warriors can now be coupled with a modern scratch to win card game that will offers you unlimited fun as you try to reach for higher ranked primeval opponents to inch towards the grand jackpot prize of 200,000 Pounds. You can certainly battle your way into riches instantly at the Knights Battle scratch card game.